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  1. Financial Times

    Financial Times - Never invest just to avoid tax

    Terry Smith points out that people who invest just to avoid tax often fail to look as closely as they should at fee structures and would be better off putting money into something they really want to own.

    By Financial Times , Terry Smith
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  2. Financial TImes

    Financial Times - Sorting the wheat from the chaff

    Terry Smith explains what he means by investing in 'good companies' and argues that Warren Buffett was right when he said that return on capital employed is the best way of assessing the performance of a company.

    By Financial TImes , Terry Smith
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  3. Financial Times

    Financial Times - Market timing: don’t try this at home

    Terry Smith writes that trying to time markets can achieve the opposite of what is desired and points out that there are only two types of investors – those who know they can’t make money from market timing, and those who don’t know they can’t.

    By Financial Times , Terry Smith
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  4. What Investment - Shares versus bonds: why we undervalue near-certainty

    Terry Smith thinks the market puts too great a value on bonds compared to the highest-quality shares. Imagine a close relative of yours is gravely ill, and you have the chance to buy a drug that would increase their chances of survival by 10 per cent. What would you pay for the drug?

    By What Investment , Nick Britton
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  5. Financial Times

    Financial Times - Lessons from the Tour de France

    Terry Smith explains what investors can learn from the Tour de France - like cycling, investing is a test of endurance and the winner will be the investor who finds a good strategy or fund and sticks with it.

    By Financial Times , Terry Smith
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  6. Fundsmith

    Fundsmith Equity Fund sets new standard in portfolio turnover

    The Fundsmith Equity Fund, launched in November 2010 by Terry Smith as the main vehicle for his own investments, has set a new standard in portfolio turnover delivering a negative portfolio turnover of -0.19% for the period to 30th June 2012.

    By Fundsmith
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