Fundsmith SICAV – Fundsmith Equity Fund
€63.36 T Class Acc, 17 May 24


  1. Money Observer Awards Fundsmith Equity Rated Fund Status

    Fundsmith today announces that personal finance and investment publication, Money Observer, has awarded the Fundsmith Equity Fund (“Fundsmith Equity” or the “Fund”) a Rated Fund status. Money Observer has also included Fundsmith Equity in three of their model growth portfolios, recognising the Fund’s “impressive performance”.

    By Money Observer
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  2. Investors Chronicle - Buffett Mk 2.0

    If you are wondering how to put together a portfolio of equity investments, you could do worse than visit the website for Fundsmith and download lots of relevant documents. These will give you an insight in a particular type of equity investing that I will caricature as ‘Buffett Mk 2.0’.

    By Investors Chronicle, Mr Bearbull
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  3. Financial Times

    Financial Times - It’s déjà vu all over again

    Terry Smith applies Peter "Yogi" Berra's famous witticism of “It’s déjà vu all over again” to the investment industry, pointing out how many dubious investment products have been sold before.

    By Financial Times, Terry Smith
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  4. The Telegraph

    The Telegraph - Why it is safe to pay up for quality

    Terry Smith shows why investors should be willing to pay more for quality businesses due to the power of compound interest. Understanding its effects is essential to success in investment, yet it remains a mystery for many people.

    By The Telegraph, Terry Smith
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  5. Money Observer - Investors face a fund charges conundrum

    What has become clear following RDR is that a large number of different parties receive payments from investment funds. The traditional charging structure on funds was ‘bundled’ so a single annual management charge (AMC) was deducted by the fund company to pay the cost of managing the investments, platform services and the annual commission payment to a financial adviser.

    By Money Observer, Helen Pridham
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  6. Financial Times

    Financial Times - Never invest just to avoid tax

    Terry Smith points out that people who invest just to avoid tax often fail to look as closely as they should at fee structures and would be better off putting money into something they really want to own.

    By Financial Times, Terry Smith
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  7. Financial TImes

    Financial Times - Sorting the wheat from the chaff

    Terry Smith explains what he means by investing in 'good companies' and argues that Warren Buffett was right when he said that return on capital employed is the best way of assessing the performance of a company.

    By Financial TImes, Terry Smith
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