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  1. Terry Smith

    Financial Times - Why I never invest in bank shares

    Having spent the first decade of my career working in a bank and then becoming a top-rated bank analyst, I find that people often express surprise that I never invest in bank shares. But I think it is precisely because I understand banks that I never invest in their shares. The recent events surrounding the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (“SVB”) and Credit Suisse reinforce this stance. Why?

    By Terry Smith , Financial Times
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  2. Fundsmith

    Fundsmith Appoints FundRock For Distribution Of Fundsmith SICAV

    FundRock Management Company, a leading European third-party UCITS Management Company and Alternative Investment Fund Manager, announces the expansion of its relationship with leading fund management company Fundsmith LLP, to now include distribution services.

    By FundRock
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  3. Fundsmith

    Fundsmith Announces New Partner Appointments

    Fundsmith LLP (‘Fundsmith’), the fund management company founded by Terry Smith, announces the appointment of eight new Partners from across its portfolio management, research, operations and sales teams.

    By Fundsmith
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  4. FTAdviser

    FTAdviser - Terry Smith: How I built my £26bn fund

    The Forest Gate district of east London has changed over the past decade, the bars selling craft beers and exotic cocktails grapple with artisanal coffee shops for dominance. Terry Smith, manager of the biggest retail fund in the UK, grew up in the Forest Gate of the 1960s, a very different place to today.

    By FTAdviser, David Thorpe - FTAdviser
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  5. Fundsmith

    Beware of Email Phishing

    Beware of emails purporting to be from Fundsmith which have fake reply addresses using the domains; FUNDSMITH-CO.UK and ONLINE-FUNDSMITH.CO.UK

    By Fundsmith
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  6. Investors Chronicle - Terry Smith talks big tech, fraud and ESG

    Terry Smith, Fundsmith's chief executive and chief investment officer, fields the IC's questions about his portfolio and some of the biggest investment trends of today. He shares his views on China, the limits of ESG investment and some of the flagship fund's biggest holdings.

    By Investors Chronicle
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  7. Fundsmith

    Fundsmith Appointment

    Fundsmith LLP, the fund management company founded by Terry Smith, announces the appointment of Paul Mainwaring as Chief Financial Officer.

    By Fundsmith , Fundsmith
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  8. Financial Times - There are only two types of investors

    There is a lot to lose and little to gain from market timing
    I last wrote about the problems of so-called market timing in these pages in 2013 (Market timing: don't try this at home). With the Covid-19 pandemic dominating the news and recent volatility on world stock markets, you may have heard a lot about market timing again.

    By Financial Times
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